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rezenet tsegay moges, bfa, ma

Rezenet T. Moges works as Archaeological Graphic Director at a woman-owned business company, SRS Inc., in Orange, CA. She graduated with Masters of Arts in Linguistic Anthropology at California State University, Long Beach and her thesis was based on language purism and expansion in the process of dictionary development of Eritrean Sign Language in Eritrea, East Africa. She studied under Dr. Barbara LeMaster after working as her Research Assistant to her project on Irish Sign Language's endangered gendered signs. Her research interests compass chiefly in contact language, missionization, language spread and language and gender. Ms. Moges also graduated from the same university with Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Illustration. Currently, she enjoy being an art enthusiast, a connoisseur of espresso--or stout beer--brewing and a book-hound in her free-time.

On last Friday of each month, you can find her reciting her new ASL poems, which she creates within a month, for Open-Air ASL, at Kings Row Gastropub-UNDERGROUND, Ol'Town Pasadena from 8ish-10ish, following DST. To view the few of her poems that were only videotaped, visit this page.

You can contact me at: rezearcher (a) erinad dot org .



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